ILM Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

This course is delivered via Distance learning over a period of approximately twelve months. It combines both ‘on and off the job learning’


Dental practice owners and those working at a strategic level are required to provide leadership and direction in order to achieve organizational goals with ‘Person Centred Care’ being at the heart of the business purpose.

A well-led service provider should be able to demonstrate that they are in control of all business functions and understand the wider issues affecting dentistry at any point in time. This is achieved by defining the vision and developing a plan to make it happen. Ensuring you have effective governance controls in place to manage and mitigate risk, understand your human resource needs and continuously develop your service provision to meet the future needs of service users and the business of dentistry.

Programme Structure

This is a blended learning course which combines distance learning videos with a virtual platform. Monthly tutorial meetings take place with an appointed assessor/advisor throughout the duration of the course. The course is delivered over a set time period of approximately twelve months.

Course Outline

The following Strategic Management and Leadership subjects are delivered during the course of study:

  1. Provide Strategic Leadership and Direction
  2. Develop a Strategic Business Plan
  3. Execute a Strategic Business Plan
  4. Develop a Business Strategy
  5. Establish Organisational Governance Controls
  6. Shape Organisational Culture and Value
  7. Manage Strategic Human Resources
  8. Lead the Development of a Quality Strategy
  9. Lead the Development of a Continuous Improvement Strategy


Learners are required to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and skills of strategic management and leadership across a prescribed number of units, this is evidenced through the completion of work based assignments and associated work products, there is also an opportunity to be engaged in professional discussion

Delegate Pre-requisites

No specific prior qualifications are required, however, those who have completed a management course of study at levels 5 or 6 may find it beneficial as a route of progression

Delegate Specification

This course is for those who have a responsibility for managing business processes at senior management and leadership level with autonomy for making strategic and tactical decisions.


If you are a dental practice owner, senior manager or departmental lead and need to develop your knowledge and skills in order to effectively manage the dental business at a strategic level then this course is for you.

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