How are all you Dental Managers COMMUNICATING with your Team during the crisis?

Try the 9 point prioritisation plan AKA M.O.P.

* Keep abreast of daily announcements and identify updates
* Inform the team of key changes, keep it factual and consistent
* Assign a spokesperson to filter questions(where furlough applies incorporate as CPD)

* Constantly reflect on what’s working and what’s not (information can be misinterpreted in particular during crisis)
* Develop resolutions for the what’s nots
* Respond with foresight and a positive intention

* Review and refresh your communication plan
* Think short term priorities, the crisis isn’t over yet
* Consider what the ‘new norm’ may look like and prioritise, repeat M.O.P.

Image kindly supplied by Unsplash – Vladislav Klapin@lemonvlad

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